Centre for Professional Legal Education
(Dutch: Centrum voor Postacademisch Juridisch Onderwijs)

Phone: (024) 361 24 09
Fax: (024) 361 12 07

Visiting address

Montessorilaan 10
6525 HR Nijmegen

Postal address

Centrum voor Postacademisch Juridisch Onderwijs
P.O. Box 10520
6500 MB Nijmegen

Accessibility CPO

The CPO (including the CPO Hall) is situated on the grounds of the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Grotius building. We advise to use public transport to reach the Grotius building.

Public Transport

Trains stop at Nijmegen station and Nijmegen Heyendaal station. You can plan your train journey on the website of the NS.

From Nijmegen station and Nijmegen Heyendaal station there are numerous busses heading towards the Grotius building. The bus stop for the Grotius building is Spinazogebouw/Tandheelkunde on the Erasmuslaan, see the map provided below.

During the holidays and weekends there will be fewer bus services that run to the University. Plan your trip on OV9292.

At the main entrance of the University Library (Erasmuslaan 36) there is a charging point for your OV-chip card.

The Breng Direct Waalsprinter (a fast and comfortable bus service that takes you to Nijmegen city centre and Heyendaal, line 300) departs from P+R Waalsprinter at the Ovatonde on the Prins Mauritssingel. P+R Waalsprinter is easy to reach from the directions Arnhem, Bemmel and Tiel. Follow the signs on the A325.


All roads approaching Nijmegen indicate the University of Nijmegen on the ANWB road signs. Visitors for the CPO are advised to park in P6, the underground parking garage of the Grotius building. Only from parking level -2 there is lift access to all levels of the Grotius building.

Please note that there are many one-way roads in this area; from the Erasmuslaan you drive on to the Comeniuslaan. You leave the parking area via the Montessorilaan towards the Erasmuslaan.