Expand your horizon and get in touch

The CPO is striving to internationalise its curriculum. Our goal is to develop courses with an international, European or comparative legal perspective to provide practising lawyers both in and outside the Netherlands with the knowledge required to deal with the implications of international (legal) developments for their daily practices, and to learn from the legal systems in other countries.

Are you a lawyer with new, international, needs concerning continuing education?

The CPO is seeking to get in touch with lawyers abroad to explore educational opportunities and possibilities for future cooperation. We specifically call upon lawyers who experience educational needs on cross-border topics to contact us. Considering our long experience in organising continuing education for all kinds of lawyers in all fields of law, and our extensive network of national and international specialists, we are convinced that we are able to fill the educational gaps you encounter.

Are you an academic who is rooted in legal practice?

If you are a lawyer who is rooted in both academia and practice, then we are eager to get in touch with you. We are very interested in discussing with you any ideas you might have on cooperating with us to develop a course or training programme on a cross-border topic in a cross-border setting, i.e. with an audience consisting of lawyers from different countries, which will allow participants to adequately deal with topical cross-border issues they encounter in the legal practice. Cooperating with us will enable you to bring your knowledge to the attention of new audiences and markets, and allow you to come into contact with our broad network of national and international specialists.

Lasting relationships with local partners

Constructive, lasting relationships with local partners, i.e. providers of professional training programmes and associations of practitioners outside the Netherlands, will enable the CPO and the local partners to jointly develop and offer courses which meet the demands of the local legal professionals. The CPO is hence seeking cooperation with local partners, in order to, in due time, organise joint events and introduce its Dutch network to an international forum. Are you working for a professional training association outside the Netherlands which is interested to explore with us the possibilities of future cooperation? Then please contact us.

Interested in discussing the possibilities?

Then please contact us at info@cpo.ru.nl or 0031-24-3620049