Commercial Law programme

English-taught courses specifically for lawyers working in an international practice

Tailored to legal experts with an international practice

Which general terms and conditions apply under Dutch law, what financing arrangements can you make, and what steps should you take in the event of a breach of contract? These are just a few examples of situations you might encounter as a legal professional in practice. With the right knowledge, you can avoid critical mistakes.

An English-taught course on Dutch corporate law offers the perfect solution for lawyers in an internationally oriented company. The same applies to lawyers who carry out work for a Dutch company in an international context. In communication, using the correct English terminology is essential for a clear understanding between parties. Additionally, knowledge of other legal systems helps to explain the differences with Dutch law and to be extra vigilant about them.

The ‘Commercial Law programme’ consists of courses for experienced lawyers, focusing on various aspects of corporate law. This course series offers over 10 courses per year and is meant for experienced legal experts, covering a wide range of topics: from general terms and conditions to financing arrangements and from breach of contract to securities. What makes this programme unique is that it is entirely offered in English.

The Commercial Law courses are especially suitable for company lawyers, legal counsels and other legal experts working in an international practice. The course series is also relevant for legal professionals working in financial services.

Commercial Law courses:


2024 courses in development

“A contract that is drawn up in Dutch cannot simply be translated into English, or vice versa”

Professor André Janssen explains what internationally oriented lawyers have to consider when dealing with Dutch commercial law.

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Commercial Law programme:

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  • Tailored to legal experts with an international practice